On The Shelf: How To Get Your Products Into Big Box Retail!

On the shelf helps manufactures and entrepreneurs build a step by step strategy to successfully get their products placed in Big Box retail.

Ep. Update - On The Shelf UPDATE!

Timothy Bush

Mar 13 2016

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If you have a product or a product idea and have ever wondered how to get it placed in a Major Big Box Retailer, "On The Shelf" is the show for you. Every week we tackle important subjects crucial to mounting a successful sales campaign into Big Box Retail. From timeframes to packaging to Pricing we cover it all. Using simple steps, information and instruction, On The Shelf will be your personal wholesale consultant. Presented by TLB Consulting, a concierge consulting company, who has over 22 years of retail / wholesale expertise. Website - www.tlbconsulting.com Twitter - @tlbconsult About Timothy Bush

Timothy Bush is the Founder & President of TLB Consulting, a company which has specialized in connecting companies and their products with a diverse range of retailers world wide. TLB’s success in launching both domestic and international products into retailers like Costco, BJ’s Wholesale, Target, and other large retail chains makes his company a destination for individuals and companies looking for profitable and sustainable growth.

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Ep. Update - On The Shelf UPDATE!
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